The Partners in Action are a collaborative network of Christian land managers demonstrating active care for the natural world.

This network is coordinated by A Rocha UK; we work together in practical ways such as participating in joint conservation work like the Target Twenty-five, by sharing ideas and information, and by praying for one another.

Through Partners in Action, A Rocha UK helps support local initiatives to achieve their conservation-based goals.

A Rocha UK can offer partners such services as – helping host events, conducting species surveys or providing conservation guidance.

A Partner in Action should show a similar ethos to A Rocha UK. Its objectives should exhibit the five A Rocha Core Commitments.

Partners in Action are youth outdoor centres, community groups, intentional communities and retreat centres. All of them are working for a positive impact on their land and their visitors out of a conviction that Christians have a responsibility to care for the natural world and those who inhabit it. We hope you will get involved with a Partner near you!

Farms, Reserves and Estates

City Farms and Community Projects

Adventure and Outdoor Centres

Cathedrals and Church land

Conference Centres

Retreat Centres

Education centres and Forest Schools